Eno Valley Swim and Racquet Club is a non-profit membership-only club located in Durham, NC and offers family fun in swimming, tennis, and social activities. We offer a six lane, 25 yard outdoor pool, 1 meter and 3 meter diving facilities, six lighted tennis courts, pickleball, beach pit volleyball court, a clubhouse, and the best swim team in Durham. Enjoy the pool with your family, play some tennis or volleyball. We host many family events throughout the summer for even more fun!

Access to the tennis courts and pickleball is available to active, paid members year-round.



Upcoming Pool Events:

Apr. 27 (Sat) – Staff Workday
May 4 (Sat) – Staff Workday
May 11 or 12 (Sat/Sun) – Lifeguard In-Service
May 18 (Sat) – Projected opening day 10-8:30
May 19 (Sun) – 1:00-7:30
May 25 (Sat) – 10:00-8:30
May 26 (Sun) – 1:00-8:30
May 27 (Monday – Memorial Day) – 11:00-7:30
June 1 (Sat) – 10:00-8:30
June 2 (Sun) – 1:00-7:30
June 7 (Fri) – 12:00-8:00
June 8 (Sat) – Swim Meet (Pool schedule – 12:00-8:30)
Pool on Normal Operating Schedule
June 12 (Wed) – Swim Meet (pool closes 4:30)
June 26 (Wed) – Swim Meet (pool closes 4:30)
July 4 (Thurs) – CLAY DAY
Aug 26 (Mon) – Pool closed on weekdays
Aug 31 (Sat) – 10:00-7:30
Sep 1 (Sun) – 1:00-7:30
Sep 2 (Mon) – 11:00-7:30
Sep 7 (Sat) – 10:00-7:30
Sep 8 (Sun) – 1:00-6:30 Closing Day


Reminder – Mondays are the days that the lifeguards and shack workers super clean the pool, so it is closed until 1:00




Please contact us  with any questions!



Swim Team

Oosasasa!  We have an awesome swim team!  This is the perfect place for your child to make friends, have fun, become a better swimmer, gain self confidence, and learn valuable lessons in teamwork!

Sign up for SwimTeam reminders.




Six lighted tennis courts are available to membership year-round.

Tennis clinics are offered to youth and adults.

Also: Pickleball!


Eno Valley Swim & Racquet Club is the perfect place for you and your family to have summer fun!




Normal Operating Hours 
Sunday-Monday: 1:00-8:30
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-8:30




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