If you have questions about the pool, membership, the club, etc., you can email [email protected]. Each board position title contains a link to send an email to that particular board chair.

President – Joe Gonzales 

The President presides at all board meetings, enforces rules and regulations of the club, and controls and manages the business, affairs, properties, and facilities of the club under the general supervision of the board. 

Vice President – Sharon Davis

The vice president performs the duties of the president in the president’s absence and as need arises.

Secretary – Jeanine Simmons

The secretary records and keeps all minutes of the board meetings.  The secretary haves custody of all books, records, and papers of the board.

Treasurer – David Feraco

The treasurer receives and disburses all funds of the club, keeps accurate and detailed records of receipts and disbursements and an accurate account with each member. The treasurer deposits all funds coming into the club and regularly reports on club financials and assumes responsibility for the preparation and filing of annual tax returns.

Buildings and Grounds – Tony Aichele, Richard Bentley, and Charlie McNeill

The building and grounds committee coordinates maintenance and repairs of the pool and pump system, all buildings on the property, and grounds.  

Swim Team – Joy Moffett, Katie Acker, and Michelle Moss

Swim chairs organize the swim team and Little Orcas, hire coaches, maintain relationship with DSSL, run swim meets, and organize parent volunteers for team functions.

Tennis – Aaron Young

The tennis chair inspects and maintains tennis courts and equipment as well as manages summer youth and adult tennis clinics.

Communications – Mark Alford

The communication chair runs the club Facebook page and social media accounts, updates to the club website, and emails board communications to membership.

Information Technology – Luke Dary

The IT chair maintains club accounts and online security, maintenance of the club website, creates swim/tennis registration, maintains club email accounts and staff software, and offers technical support to board members, staff, and membership. 

Membership – Dana Walker 

The membership chair serves as a point of contact for new and potential member questions, coordinates new membership meet & greet events, facilitate new member application process, and handles all things related to recruiting and maintaining pool memberships.

Social – Nicki Deweese

The social chair coordinates social events, food trucks, and clubhouse rentals


Board Meetings

Eno Valley is governed by a Board of 15 Directors, each of which hold an executive position or serve on a committee.  The Board meets every month except August and December.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in attending a meeting.


Committees & Chairs

Executive positions include the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Committees include Buildings & Grounds, Communications, Information Technology, Membership, Social, Swim Team, and Tennis.

Members of the Board of Directors are exempt from annual dues.



Board Members are elected for 3 years terms.  Elections are held in October. All members of the board are elected to executive positions or committees on an annual basis.  All active members are eligible for the Board.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in serving on the Board!