Membership at Eno Valley Swim and Racquet Club includes use of the pool, beach volleyball court, and basketball facilities during the summer season (mid-May through mid-September). Tennis courts and clubhouse rentals are available for use year-round.

If you have any questions regarding membership please contact [email protected]

Operating Procedures

Eno Valley Swim and Racquet Club will abide by all state and local guidelines related to COVID-19.  As health rules and guidelines are revised, the board of Directors and pool management will update our operating procedures as necessary.



  1. Members and their guests must follow all Eno Valley Swim and Racquet Club rules. If there are conflicts between the operating procedures/rules listed below and the standard pool rules, the rules listed below will supersede the standard pool rules.
  2. Daily pool operations, including decisions to clear or close the pool (or any other matter of member safety or wellbeing), is under the direct authority of the active manager on-site, or the certified pool operator without the undue influence or directive of any member, guest, or Member of the Board of Directors. Lifeguards are authorized and encouraged to communicate any and all concerns about operations or safety of the pool to the active manager on duty or other managers as they are available. The active manager on duty will consider all factors, including lifeguard input in making a determination on pool operations, safety, or closure.


Check in

  1. Members are required to check in at the sign-in tent each time they visit the pool. Please ensure any and all guests are appropriately registered upon check-in.
  2. Check-in staff will confirm via questionnaire screening that the member and/or member’s family have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently symptom-free. Any member who shows any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be granted access and may not return until they are symptom-free for 14 days or can produce a test with a negative result.


Pool Use

  1. There are tables and chairs at the pool for use by membership. Four (4) chairs will be placed at each table and are not to be moved from their location. Additional chairs are available under the covered shack area.  After a family leaves, the tables and chairs will be sanitized. Any family who wishes to bring their own pool chair, is more than welcome to do so.
  2. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. Antibacterial wipes will be available for members to wipe down surfaces after they touch them.
  3. The shack will offer various options based on the discretion of pool management and availability.
  4. The covered shack area will be for eating or limited breaks only. Members should not use the tables under the covered shack area to store their belongings.
  5. The clubhouse will be closed unless for limited exceptions (nursing mothers, medical necessity, etc.) and arrangements for use of the clubhouse in those exceptions shall be made with staff and/or management.  Any use of the ice machine in the clubhouse should be cleared with staff.
  6. Each member should bring their own personal water bottle or should be prepared to purchase a bottle of water from the shack. The pool will provide water for personal container use only.
  7. Lifeguards may, from time to time, and upon seeing that the number of persons in the pool exceeds safe numbers in excess of county guidelines, may clear the pool in order to reestablish safe numbers.



The COVID-positive person (“MEMBER”) should notify the President of the Eno Valley Board of Directors at [email protected] (“MANAGEMENT”) as soon as possible. In turn MANAGEMENT will strive to keep the identity of the MEMBER anonymous. If the MEMBER was on the property of Eno Valley in the 14 days prior to testing positive, MANAGEMENT will send an announcement to all members and staff to inform them that a member has tested positive and that that member was on the property on specific dates, so that each member and staff person may make their own decisions regarding the exposure.  MANAGEMENT will coordinate with pool staff to execute a cleaning and disinfecting procedure following CDC guidelines.  After an exposure event, members and staff shall follow NC DHHS Quarantine Guidance for the General Community:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]


Are guests allowed?

Yes, guests will be allowed according to the rules stated in the pool rules.


Can I use the tennis courts?

The tennis courts are open year-round for use by the membership. Please follow state and local rules and guidelines regarding the number of persons in a gathering and social distancing. Per the City of Durham, we are able to continue to use the tennis courts as a private club and for members only. Our guidelines are that no more than 2 people OR a single family unit may occupy each court at a time.


Are there dedicated times for adult lap swimming?

After weekday evening swim team practice, pool management will leave a roped lane in place reserved for adult lap swimming. After the swim team season is over (early July), a roped swim lane will be established upon request in the evenings at roughly the same time. Depending on crowds and staffing, management may honor requests to established a roped swim lane after morning practice for an hour. Use of the roped lane will be available on a first come, first served basis. Additional roped lanes may be established at the discretion of pool management.